How To Pick

You provide…


What would work: any large basket, 5-gallon bucket, ice cream bucket, water pitcher, or vase.


What would work: garden sheers, scissors (kitchen scissors work really well), or clippers.

Park inside the gate, please!

Enter where you see the Summer Stems sign and park on the right side (where the trees are). When a lot of cars are present, parking can be tricky. Just be mindful of other cars!

BYO bucket and cutters

We ask that our guests bring their own cutters and buckets. Check above for help on what to grab. Come say hi before you start cutting so we can give you the lay of the land and instructions.

Start picking!

After you grab your materials and say hello, you are free to pick. We suggest cutting as low as you can to ensure a long stem. Cutting off any lower leaves and branches helps extend the life of your flowers, please dispose of the scaps in our garden garbage.

Check out

Once you have gathered as many flowers as you can hold, head over to the table so we can count your stems. Pricing varies so check out the FAQ page for more info.

Once you are home…

You may be wondering how to keep your flowers as fresh as possible, maybe you saw someone picking a not quite open flower and you want to know why. We share all this information and more on our blog.

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